The idea that we are going to engage in a fitness or nutrition program, amend our body and stay that way happily ever after is seductive.

And patently untrue.

I acknowledge that there ARE people who can do this, and there ARE people who never change body weight or size for their entire life.

I’m not one of them.

My body weight bounces up and down. I’m not talking about 50 lbs or 100, to be sure. But definitely 5, sometimes 10 and occasionally 20.

In the meantime, I can’t explain why.

One year, I lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks when my relationship status changed and that body weight change lasted for almost 18 months.

Last year, I gained about 17 and still have (most of) it on my body.

It currently doesn’t seem to matter what I do in terms of diet or exercise. Because realistically, my diet hasn’t changed. Nor has the amount I exercise. I still walk. I still do Yamuna Body Rolling and some yin yoga.

Nothing changed. Except my weight.

It can be frustrating, when the things that always work, don’t work. But conversely, I literally cannot tell you a single reason that I lost 10 lbs in December 2016: I didn’t start working out or counting calories. I didn’t join a gym or start ketones or fast. I didn’t do anything.

Body weight is about more than calories and fitness.

Recently: just to make sure I was within the range of reality, checked in with MyFitnessPal for a month. I’m eating about 1500 calories a day on average and I’m taking more than enough steps.

Once I checked in with science to make sure i wasn’t way off base, I stopped tracking. There’s literally no point in making myself crazy and collecting data to show that I’m consistently doing what I’m supposed to be doing by all Instagram measures to have the body of my dreams.

Unlike many fitness professionals, I’m not willing to go on a starvation diet or an extreme workout program to show you the results that you can get by simply “rolling and walking,” and meanwhile doing insane things behind the scenes to look the part that they are preaching.

I’m going to fully admit it would be easier on my business and my ego to lie. To claim that it was effortless and that I had cracked a human code to never see any number on the scale other than the precise number I wanted to see.

The measure of my worth as a fitness professional is not my perfect, unchanging body. It’s in sustainable, authentic, reality. I have eaten mostly well for years: probably decades. I have been active doing activities I authentically enjoy, on and off, since I was 19 or so.

I practise what I preach. And I sometimes look and feel exactly how I want. And sometimes, for some mysterious reason, I don’t.

But I keep the course and I show you reality. Even if it would sell more classes to lie.

There is no glass slipper. Not for me and not for you.

Be sensible. Be consistent. Look at, support and and listen to instructors and nutritionists who are honest that they, too, have changing bodies and lives. Put down the Instamemes and don’t believe that it’s about cutting more or sweating more of you are already doing so.

Your Prince will never come. So instead: enjoy your clothes, your food, your carriage, your friends, your family, your chosen activities and exercises and stop waiting for The One.

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