New Years is coming and so is a literal deluge of media around fitness and nutrition. Nothing I say on my little blog is going to stop the avalanche from falling down the mountain, but I need to say it anyway.

There is no “2 Minute Booty Workout to Sculpt Your Bottom Instantly”

Looking for a “4 Minute High Intensity Cardio Workout to Torch Major Calories”?

How about “4 Foods Proven to Banish Belly Fat”?

Sadly, I do not believe that these secrets to effort-free, instant successes actually exist. The headlines and the articles promote magical thinking.

The foods proven to banish belly fat are called fruits and vegetables.

The cardio workout that torches major calories lasts longer than 4 minutes, no matter how much effort you exert per minute.

And that booty? Look at your genetics before you try sculpting it: your fatty tissue stores are determined by your genetic lineage. It’s unlikely that 2 minutes is going to give you someone else’s family’s bottom.

These are real headlines that I found in less than 2 minutes online.

They are misleading. And they are misleading because it’s what people want to read, because it reinforces a fantasy that people want to believe: that there’s an easy way and that the secret can be unlocked by 4 foods or 4 minutes.

New Years resolutions rely on a mindset that drives business but does not change bodies.

The mindset that will change your body? Small, consistent daily actions. Thousands of decisions over a lifetime: to walk an extra block instead of driving, to have a black coffee instead of a latte, to get the salad instead of the fries, to drink 1 glass of champagne instead of 2, to go to sleep instead of watching that movie, to cook dinner tonight instead of grabbing takeout….

Nobody sculpted a booty in 2 minutes. Nobody “torched” calories in 4. And nobody found the secret to a flat belly in 4 magic foods.

New Years is a time of magical thinking.

But the magic is in the little things and not the wishful ones.

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