I was cited as an expert source in the press 59 times in 2017, most of those in the US media. Unless you are my mom, you may have missed some of the stories. And even then, I am pretty sure she might have as well 😉

So in honour of the New Year, here is a round-up of some of the stories featuring my voice and opinion that you may have missed in the fitness category.

You have a Fitbit. But How many steps do you REALLY need?

Fitness business owners share our favorite motivational quotes to get you moving!

The “Kardashian Effect” is a body trend most women cannot live up to. Now what?

Things you can say to yourself at the gym that are positive motivators that work to actually encourage you!

Using Yoga as a “rest” workout? Think again!

Transitioning your summer workout to a fall workout!

Fitness pros have a dirty little secret: pain. One of my favorite articles because nobody is talking about this openly!

Does yoga “count” as a workout? Okay, this was a guest blog, but I love this article anyway!

How fitness instructors, including me, overcame “body judging”. I was incredibly proud to be part of this article!

A lengthy and highly detailed guide to buying a yoga mat

Looking to get out of your rut and build new habits? A must-read.

If you are plus-sized, pilates is for you, too! Here are some modifications!

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