I don’t tend to love “30 day challenges”. But I recently assigned one to a client who needed to experience the benefits of what change could bring.

So how do you give up a bad food habit for 30 days?

1. Figure out what you are giving up. It should be the thing that you secretly, inside your body and soul, know is the thing you need to change.

2. What changes do you need to make in your pantry or fridge before you even start? Where is the naughty item that you are giving up secretly stashed? Can you clear it out without starting WWIII food wars with yourself or others? (The visual here is like one of those makeover show moments with the garbage bags, but you need to clear it out or it will be in your belly).

3. What changes do you need to make in your food acquisition plans? If you are acquiring your food, say, at 7-11 (ew), and you are giving up sugar, then how can you source appropriate food for your pantry? You are going to eat it if it’s in your house, so what can you change about how or where you source your food?

4. What can you substitute for the “not going there for 30 days” item? Think ahead.

5. Plan a strategy for social occasions. You aren’t going to stop seeing other human beings for 30 days. So what are you willing to change in terms of social outings to make it happen?

6. What social support can you surround yourself with to meet your goal? Can you load your social time with health-conscious friends for the next month (and ignore the fun people)?

7. What new things do you need to learn to make it work? Do you need cooking classes or a cookbook, etc? Stock up now.


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