One of the most interesting things in my practise is that summer is when people most frequently fall off the healthy eating wagon.

Into apparent vats of potato chips, road trip fast-food, patio party beer and pancake breakfasts.

There’s factually no harm in letting yourself enjoy summer festivities.

There’s also factual truth that many, if not most, of these festivities will fail to deliver health-promoting foods and beverages.

So here’s how to navigate:

Do your best to limit your weekly “uh oh” occasions to 4.

If you have a picnic on Saturday, go wild. But eat a proper nutritious breakfast, with, like, fruit and protein, in the morning.

If you load up on burgers and beer at the BBQ on Wednesday, find the watermelon on your plate instead of the potato chips at the softball picnic on Thursday.

If you need to stop at a fast food place on the way to the mountains on the way there, choose a salad at the same place on the way back.

Plan ahead and limit yourself to 4 indulgent occasions a week.

Keep that number etched in your mind.

Tattoo it on your hand.

Paint it on your toenails.

4 is equivalent to 20% of your meals in a week.

Keep the rest on track.

And blow it out if you feel so inclined when it comes to those 4.


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