Body judgement drives me insane. And my industry contributes to it:

  • implying that you are just more willpower away from the body transformation of your dreams (you’re not)
  • choosing instructors based on their frame size
  • Cueing subtle but real messages that your bum or abs aren’t what they could be…and that it’s somehow just disastrous to have a stretch mark or cellulite or a completely non-smooth, taut and toned body at every moment of your life

I support healthy bodies. I support comfortable bodies. I support active bodies. And above all else, I support functional bodies.

I do not support how the fitness industry talks to people.

Because healthy, comfortable, active bodies live amazing lives. People who live in them accomplish their dreams and goals and have fun experiences.

But people who fall prey to the “be more because your body is not enough” message waste hours of life hating their body.

And people who fall prey to the “work harder” message waste hours of their life passionately pursuing a “dream body” that always feels just one workout (or 10) away.

Body judgement is nearly invisible, because it’s so common. It’s the “lunge, ladies. Because that will give you the bum that every woman wants” cueing that sets us up to compare ourselves to others and feel shame for not pouring our every single resource into looking a certain way. That time and that energy quickly reaches a real and actual point of diminishing return.

See the body above? That’s what I looked like on vacation recently.

But I have dedicated literally thousands of hours in the past to try to make that body different. Because I’m “bottom heavy”, and I bought into the idea, promoted by Shape magazine and spinning instructors that I could change myself if only I just worked harder.


I can honestly tell you that there was NO value in all the hours I spent disliking my stomach. Or my legs. Or my butt.

Nothing was gained by more of those classes or the other elements that made up the 2 hours a day I used to exercise.

I eventually discovered the value in feeling good and being able to move freely and functionally and confidently. I do a few hours of Yamuna body rolling and yin a week and the body you see above is the result of caring for the function of my body rather than the appearance of it. All that flagellation was a place where I actually looked and felt WORSE instead of better.

So find your sweet spot. Find the place where the effort you put in equals the effort you achieve. Stop going to classes where instructors are cueing you that the next move will “sculpt” your booty, or tone your thighs. Put your money and your time toward instructors who focus on function and not on your parts.

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