At the swimming pool yesterday, I wondered where all the cultural reverence for body “perfection” comes from, anyway.

There were people from age 2-82, and I saw cellulite, wrinkles, and non-firm skin. I saw only one body that would be “perfect”. And she was absolutely and definitely a teenager (and acting like one, all pouty and ignoring her boyfriend but making sure he was aware he was being ignored).

We need to get real.

Reality, for most of us, never did and never will entail being a swimsuit model.

(Yes, I understand that Victoria’s Secret models are real people. I’ve seen many of them in real life, and I’ve met and talked to at least one).

So ignore this post if you are swimsuit model. But for the rest of us…

So why do we culturally revere 15 year old women’s bodies and 19 year old male’s bodies? Even IF your body ever looked like that, it’s a short (and awful) period of your life and then the cultural implication is that you’ve failed for the rest of your life for not being able to be able to look like a teenager.

Would you really want that back?

So we revere an age we don’t want to be, and we don’t want to be with?

Enjoy your life. Wear your swimsuit. Laugh and have fun. Embrace your stretch marks and your belly and your skin. Quit wanting a teenager’s body.

And be glad you aren’t actually a teenager anymore.

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