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About My Body Couture

99.9% of the people who come to My Body Couture have pain or dysfunction in their body.

And most of those people have tried other practitioners or techniques that haven’t worked.

I promise a different approach.

I promise a different environment.

I promise different results.

I heard about My Body Couture from another practitioner.  What is this all about, exactly?

I am a Movement Specialist.  We work together to make changes in the space between your joints, fascial tissue length and stabilizer muscle function in order to achieve noticeable increases in body performance and decreases in pain.  Aka: we work to make sure everything is working as it should be and make changes in that which is not.

What makes My Body Couture different?

  • A focus on results.  99% of clients can see and feel a difference within 3 sessions. I’m invested in your results as much as you are and I call on a variety of techniques, tools and depth of clinical experience to ensure that you see and feel difference in your body’s function and comfort in just 1-3 hours.
  • A homework based approach. Your first three hours are focused almost entirely on getting you a successful homework program.  If you are in pain, you need to be able to help yourself so the focus of these sessions is on supplying you with effective and efficient tools and techniques that you can replicate at home.  Homework is a pre-requisite for additional work together.
  • A focus on the entire body. The problem area may not be the problem area.  So we look at the body as a system that spans….well, the entire length of the body.
  • A teamwork approach. I understand and respect that you may have other practitioners.  I like to collaborate with them (with your permission) to multiply our collective efficacy.
  • A movement based approach. I believe in movement, so we try to get you up and back to your desired level of movement as soon as possible.

What do we do on our first session?

We get started.  We do experiential diagnosis, and spend time talking about what you feel and experience in our hour-long while moving, rather than on diagnostics.

Who are you, exactly?

I changed my life in my 30s by having a baby as a single mother by choice.  I packed up my apartment in New York City, left my decade long job as a fashion media executive (good-bye, Harper’s BAZAAR) and grabbed my cowboy hat (thanks, Paul Hardy, for helping me with good Stampede style) and said “howdy” to Calgary.  I drew on my decade of training and working with clients privately in my living room to open My Body Couture, the business I wished had existed when I was searching for solutions to my injured runner’s knee or my inability to change my body shape even through 2 hours of exercise per day.

By calling on my unique systems approach that worked in my own “exercise dyslexic body”, as well as others who include cancer survivors, marathon runners, and leaky confused moms, I opened My Body Couture to work with high achievers who want to address the root causes of inefficiencies in movement and nutrition.

And why do I trust you?

I have hundreds of client testimonials, of people who have achieved results and changes in their pain levels and body function by working with me.

I love working with “difficult” bodies.  So don’t trust me, trust my clients

The My Body Couture Community

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