If you are a parent, are you facilitating active living FOR your kids, or WITH your kids?

Universally, most parents agree that sports are great for kids: it gets them active, and help them learn about teamwork, cooperation, competition, and tenacity.


But culturally, the royal we are doing something odd: we collectively agree that most (or all) kids should be doing active things and gaining/practicing these skills. And then? Millions of parents are signing the kids up for soccer/hockey/swimming and siting in the stands to watch. Key word: sitting.

So kids get no parental modelling for how to incorporate active living into their lives, because part of what they are learning is that organized sports are one of the only ways to be active. And the other part of what they are learning is: kids are active but adults aren’t active.

Is that your goal?

Yea, I didn’t think so.

So how about:

* Drop one of the sports commitments and commit to family active living time. Some examples are:

* Take your kid/s to the trampoline park and actually jump with them.

* Get in the water with the child(ren) at the pool

* Play lightly competitive games with your kids to reinforce some of the skills you hope your kids learn through organized sports:

* frisbee or tennis

* hopscotch

Learn a fun skill along with your kid/s

* try skateboarding at the same time they do

* take canoe or kayak lessons

The reason most adults struggle with fitting in fitness is because nobody showed us the way.

So consider the generational impact the next time you hit the registration button or sit on the observation deck.

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