I’m so lucky I that I have truly integrated work and life. I get to do what the proverbial “they” always tell you to do: “choose a job you love and you will never have to work another day in your life”. 💥

Except…here’s the thing “they” negelect to mention: choosing a job that you feel THAT passionately about can mean that there is no separation from work and life. My personal time and hobbies are so linked to my business that I don’t know where one begins and the other ends.

I’m not complaining about having a job I love so much. But this week, I slammed into the wall of fatigue (du du duuuuuuu). The kind of fatigue that means I’m spending a bit (aka, a lot) too much time on work and not time having downtime or fun. You know the kind of fun I mean: road trips or drinks on the patio or trashy novels on the grass. Things that have nothing to do with the work I love so much, and everything to do with adventure and the fundamental spirit of being alive.

I recently engaged the professional services of Eric at Tenzing Strategic Consulting to help me make better strategic decisions about work. He jotted down a note yesterday that just had me assessing how I’ve spent my weekends this year, and I just realized I’ve only had 5 free weekends out of 17 … gulp. I’m pretty sure I have some work to do on that number…!

So while I’ve loved every opportunity I’ve had during all those weekends of work, which have included major highlights such as the YYCfit Expo, Prana Yoga Festival and a speaking gig at the Soho House in New York…it’s time to decompress and hit the personal reset button.

This is a great weekend for you to think about your own life, and what you want more of. I personally want to invite more adventure, more creativity, more fun, more friends and more family time, because each and every one of those makes me happier, healthier and better equipped to do my job.

Think about your own weekends this weekend. And fill them with stuff you love. And some lazy things too.


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