I encounter this oddly common (aka, you are doing it too) human behaviour in some form every day: a studious aversion to the facts that could support decision making.

What’s a fact avoidant behaviour?

* always wearing “athleisure” so that you have no gauge how your jeans fit (ok, ahem, fine, that was me for half of 2016)

* deciding that it’s best to NEVER step on a scale, and averting your eyes and ears at the doctor’s office to refuse the information

* an inability to “remember” if you ate today

I’m not a fan of data-over collection: y’all might remember my Fitbit conversation. But, having NO data on your basic health status isn’t helping you age better or feel your best either.

Here’s a fun article on why we (yeah that’s the Royal We) bite the very hand that feeds us.

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