I have a client who’s the most Type A person ever.

So Type A that that would be a compliment.

This client has a hard, if not impossible time, accepting that she is often riding on the wrong side of the stress bell curve. To balance out all that drive, positive stress is critically important to injury prevention and body sustainability.

Positive stress keeps you active, engaged, and moving in the world. It drives action and keeps your body growing. Active rest days and actions are positive.

I frankly, personally, have a really hard time with certain techniques or suggestions about how to reduce stress. Journalling, meditation, and deep breathing are just too passive for me.

So, I just “happen” to teach the very things that DO work for me. Active movement, in the form of:

* yin yoga

* Yamuna body rolling

* Critical Alignment Therapy

They won’t kill your Type A-ness (pinkie swear), but they will keep your body in top notch condition to avoid injury and keep going.

If you are interested in learning more, I’m at 514-804-0504.

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