My sister, Diane Sandbrand, is an Environmental Consultant. She was forcing us to recycle paper in grade 7 (which wasn’t as cool as it sounds…ok, it doesn’t even sound cool…).

She’s been a life-long advocate for healthy homes, and recently started selling Beautycounter by Diane, a line of chemical-safety tested beauty products. Even though I resisted (she is my sister, after all), I’ve given up my beloved 100% Pure and slowly (but surely) slid into this clutches of this beauty brand.

My long hair was dry thanks to my steely determination to use only natural products, so my hairdresser threatened (more than once) to cut a tear-worthy because frayed ends just don’t look cute. I opened the Beautycounter door with shampoo/conditioner. Rapunzel rescue! After 4 months of use, Drake Pan – D Culture Hair Salon asked what I had done to my hair and told me he was “proud” of me.

That got my attention.

I’ve since added some body oil (hydrating AND doesn’t stain my Muladhara Yoga Wear pants, which, if you’ve ever used body oil, you totally know what I’m talking about), hydrating face oil, and…oh jeeze…I have my eye on any and all of these gorgeous holiday collection items.

Diane will be at our upcoming Market on October 23. Click on the event link to RSVP (or text me at 514-804-0504), and come by the studio to rest your eyes on these gorgeous boxes.

Rapunzel approved.

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