I purchased my first car in 2013. First. Car. Ever. (And by the way, I like my Subaru, but I generally hate owning a car).

Prior to that, I was a bike commuter. I loved biking to my job in Madison Square Park in miniskirts and using the service elevator to get upstairs. At night, I zipped around to events (only occasionally ruining an outfit due to chain grease), feeling a bit Bill Cunningham about the situation.

Enter: the Calgary years. My personal life simply didn’t accommodate bike commuting, for a number of reasons. And it felt like something was lost.

The tides have turned and following the May long weekend, I VOW that this year, I’m going to get back on my bike. It makes me feel like a child again, plus…check out all the health benefits from bike commuting. 💥

Now: to dust off my miniskirts…

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