I have a confession. I don’t follow many of my industry cohorts on social media. So when I do, it means I’m madly in love, head over heels with their message.

So who gets Valentines from me (aka, the love button)?

The Body Love Society.

The ladies behind The Body Love Society are all about intuitive eating (🎉), freedom from dieting (💥) and getting on with your badass life, rather than being stuck on the scale (🔥).

They have a Facebook support page (I turned ON my notifications…my commitment to what they are doing is that serious), a forum for all your “how do I actually ditch this thing I’ve been doing for 25 years”.

They also have a speaker series, which you need to catch if you are ready to eat like a human.

As an aside, when I learned they were based in Calgary, my adoration ratcheted up one more notch.

I’m all for ditching the diets, freeing the brain and body from restriction and limitations and getting some Body Love. Check them out!

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