I inevitably get at least one “I didn’t have time” text when I check in on clients to see if they are doing their homework.

So let’s talk about that, shall we?

If you found time to eat, sleep, and be hygienic, you have time to maintain your body.

What you might not have time for is exercise.

Because why?

You don’t like exercise.

Exercise takes an hour.

Exercise is boring.

Exercise doesn’t get you results.

You have better things to do with your time than something you don’t want to do that generates no results.


But you DO have time to eat.


Eating makes you feel good

Eating is fun

Eating is interesting

You like to eat

And you DO have time to sleep.


Sleeping is necessary

It’s not fun to be tired or cranky

Sleeping makes your day better than not sleeping

And you DO have time to shower.


Showering means you don’t stink

Showering is a good routine in the morning or at night

You see where I’m going with this?

We do what we deem generates results, has positive benefits, fits into our day, and maintains our body.

This entire “exercise” thing got out of hand in the 1980s or 1990s, and now I see clients who think that unless it’s either high intensity, or an hour, or both, it’s a waste of time. And that mindset means you do nothing instead of something.

Would you choose to not sleep for 5 hours if you couldn’t sleep for 8? Didn’t think so.

Would you choose to not shower if it couldn’t be 20 minutes? Didn’t think so.

Would you choose to not eat if it wasn’t 5-star restaurant quality? Didn’t think so.

Exercise is the art of maintaining your bones, joints, muscles and tissues. It can be 20 minutes. It can be low or even no-intensity. It can be done without ever setting foot in a gym.

So you have time.

Discard the “perfection” mindset that’s been drilled into your head. Go for a walk. Get out your Yamuna Ball. Get out your bike. Do something you enjoy.

And don’t worry about if it’s 20 minutes or 60.

Just do something you enjoy, for the amount of time that you can consistently, and daily, do.

And suddenly, I promise you, you have time.

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