I saw it again today: “pain is weakness leaving the body”. Can we stop pretending that we are invincible?

I had another conversation again today with a fitness colleague whose students are asking for “more intensity”, meanwhile, the same students have terrible form and it’s unsafe to go “harder” when they need to just do it better before advancing. Can we stop pretending that the way to fitness is in intensity?

I’ve noticed that nobody wants to take group pilates anymore. People are flocking to HIIT and other high intensity workouts.

Meanwhile, these same people are overweight, stressed out and middle aged.

And saying things like “pain is weakness leaving the body”. And asking for higher intensity classes.

We need to pause. To do some yin. To sleep. To slow down. To walk. To eat sensibly. To work out at a level that’s appropriate for our age, lifestyle and conditioning level.

And we need a collective pilates class again.

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