A few years ago, I took yoga therapy teacher training when I myself was suffering from chronic pain. When I was explaining my “pain” to some of my classmates, I realized that the word “pain” is often associated with a specific sensation. The example I like to use is: a can of Coke landing on your toe. When you feel that acute sensation, you can (and do) cease other activities and hobble to the freezer for an ice pack to ease the intensity.

Chronic pain is an entirely different kind of sensation. It is generally lower intensity but runs in the background of life, and you have no choice but to proceed onward with living. It’s more like a nagging voice constantly moaning from one or more areas of the body, like a whiny 2 year old. Exhausting.

The only common thread between the two? In both cases, you need to be able to help yourself.

Chronic pain often requires emotional support and the care of a practitioner, but also you need effective tools to physically offer yourself your own “ice pack” if you wake up at 2am with back pain.

At My Body Couture, we treat chronic pain through patient empowerment. I love to assign homework, because it’s something to do at home by yourself and for yourself.

If you are curious if we can help, contact me at janis@isaman.ca or text 514-804-0504.

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