Danika said this:

Why do I work with My Body Couture ?

It might be because Janis was one of the first people who I met who, like me, looked at wellness culture and “nope’d” real hard.

Janis and I have sat down more times than we probably care to admit and tried to define what we do. We’ve gone the “not that” route and eradicated what we’re not. We’re not big box, we’re not perfect, we’re not super-human, we’re not “work harder,” we’re not the “pain is temporary” crowd, we’re not everything else that you’ve tried.

We’re two kickass women who genuinely want to teach you how to heal your wonky bits, improve your knowledge about how you move, and help you get to a point where, honestly, you don’t need us.

But, you know… if you could still check in from time to time, we’d appreciate it 😉

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