I was recently asked by a client if he needed a “rest day”?

Rest Days are required for those who follow “training plans”.

So the answer is: maybe.

Adult North American bodies have stressors on them: work stress, family stress, financial stress, nutrition stress, fitness stress. So if you are plowing ahead with maximum stress at all times, you actually need “rest days” every day, and “workout days” never.

If your life stresses are pushing you ahead and not burning you out, then you need rest days any day and every day that you wake up with an elevated heart rate and a sense of being tired.

If you have low life stress and can handle your workouts, then you need rest days as often as you require to keep your training and workouts generating positive results (examples include: muscle growth and endurance gains).

So what’s a rest day? Resting doesn’t mean sitting on the couch. Here are my personal (heavily biased) recommendations:

* yin yoga

* Yamuna Body Rolling

* Critical Alignment Therapy

(I’m trained in all three modalities).

And walking. I’ve spoken many times here and in the press about fitness trackers and step counts (you need 15,000 to be considered “active” and 10,000 to be considered “not sedentary….so use your own judgement).

If you need help learning how to set up your own goals based on your stress, or learning one of the active rest modalities above, I’m at 514-804-0504.

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