I had a debate with a friend this morning after I sent her an article where I recommended healthier fast food choices.

She didn’t think I should be recommending fast food at all because the oil in the beans at Taco Bell isn’t “clean”. She had, instead, tips about how someone could pack a cooler with a pre-cooked chicken and give that to the kids on the way to soccer.

Frankly, her advice has its time and place. But I’ve also seen advice of that nature land people in the “fukkit bucket” — if I can’t do this perfectly, I’m not even going to try.

The reality is, I have clients who eat fast food.

The reality is, telling you all to drive 20 minutes one way to a health food store when you are at the drive-through on the way to take two kids to soccer isn’t practical.

The reality is that 99.9 percent of you don’t give a crap about whether the oil is “clean”….whatever that means, anyway.

The reality is that most of you want food that tastes reasonable, that everyone will eat without a fight and that fits within you budget. Nutrition is a secondary factor, and that’s ok.

I honestly admire my friend for packing a cooler every time she leaves the house. But I couldn’t (and don’t, by the way) personally take on the extra work or dishes or organization that requires. She doesn’t even understand why I wouldn’t, because: “it only takes 5 minutes” to pack. Yeah, probably. But in my brain, this requires having pre-portioned snacks and tiny snack containers and then hauling a cooler back and forth and cleaning everything. Nooooo thanks. I’m jealous that my friend even wants to do that, because I frankly do not. And that’s ok.

I’m not suggesting that I eat fast food. I actually rarely do.

So what am I saying?

If your goal is to be healthier, don’t take advice from someone living in a health bubble. They won’t even understand where you are coming from.

I am saying that you need to seek a health practitioner who is living your reality. Otherwise, the advice is going to be something outside of your abilities and core values both in terms of time and money. My friend has a very different situation than I do, so it’s hard for her to relate to something that’s outside her scope of reality. I guess I’m not any different.

We teach what we know.

I know why you are at Taco Bell.

I know that, by the time you are talking to me, you’ve already set aside as much time and money as you have available in order to prioritize your health.

I know what it’s like to not want to pack a cooler.

I have been to the store where I weigh out the cost of the $1.50 crappy bread and the $4.50 quality bread.

So I’m not going to make you shuffle your entire life around in order to be perfect.

So If you find yourself at the drive through at Taco Bell, I’ve got you. 514-804-0504

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