Our North American culture has programmed us to believe that health and fitness are found in “discipline”, “willpower,” “control” “motivation” and “accountability.”

If you are struggling to find motivation, maybe you are looking for it in the wrong place. It probably isn’t found at the gym, and if it was, you would have found it by now.

Human bodies don’t require whipping sticks to be fit and healthy.

If you are struggling to find a fitness program that you love, consider give up the idea of a “fitness program”. Consider embracing the concept of adding in more activity. Consider moving toward things that bring you happiness. Consider doing things that feel easy and don’t require a pushy mental mindset to do.

Move your body.

Clean your kitchen.

Walk to work.

Take the stairs.

Engage in hobbies and activities that you love.

Get enough sleep.

There’s not a person alive who isn’t naturally motivated to move their body. Human bodies feel positive when we move.

If you are stuck in a cycle where your body hurts and is in pain, come see me.

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Exercise shouldn’t be hard. It shouldn’t require a drill sergeant. It shouldn’t require a Facebook confessional. It shouldn’t require a pep talk or motivational speech.

Re-write your definition of success: 12,000 steps. A Yamuna Body Rolling session. Leaving the car at home. A night out dancing.

The point of life is to move in order to live.

That shouldn’t take effort or willpower or discipline or an accountability group.

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