I’m busy in the morning. No lingering in bed, reading a proverbial newspaper and no sipping my coffee.

I noticed in September that the days when I was high strung before I even left home meant that I didn’t accomplish as much and I often skipped my workouts.

Bueller?… Bueller?… Bueller?

So here are some tips to reduce that morning stress.

1. Look for new ways to get to work. New research from Concordia University in Montreal shows that cycling to work reduces stress. Walking is a close second. Driving is basically the worst way to get to work, so if you have any other choice, you should take it.

Why? Because commuting stress is a real stressor that factually impacts your mood, your eating choices and exercise habits for the day and your body’s desire to store fat (especially belly fat).

2. Eat breakfast. Why? I have clients who skip breakfast, which leads to a sense of putting yourself BEHIND your emails, children, job, partner, commute, etc. Skipping meals also leads to compensatory behavior later, such as overeating at night (the most common one I personally see).

3. Put down that second cup of coffee. Why? Coffee is a very well researched beverage and the jury is out. But we do know that coffee and stress aren’t friends because your stress hormone cortisol feeds off both. So one cup is fine for the ritual, taste, caffeine or social aspect.

4. Use a list. When you get flustered, you forget things and then your brain gets flustered. I read a brilliantly simple book called The Checklist Manifesto by surgeon Dr Atul Gawande that demonstrated the scientific benefits of a checklist. Medical errors, deaths and complications dropped when surgeons posted a list including simple items such as: “wash your hands”. If it’s good enough for pilots and surgeons, it’s good enough for your fridge.

If you need breakfast tips or help cutting out coffee, I’m at 514-804-0504. If you need help organizing your mornings, Jen at HeartLifted coached me through finding these tips that worked for me.

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