I am in the business of helping people get (re) acquainted with their body’s signals.

We literally have millions of pieces of data transmitted by the body each day to tell our brains to eat, sleep, and function.

Yet we tune a lot of it out. Jobs, kids, partners and spouses, hobbies, home maintenance, social activities….and the rest of life…drown out some of the (often critical) data your body is trying (sometimes desperately) to tell you. Each person is different, based on current demands and past habits, but if you are reading this, ask if you are bypassing data this is required to keep you functioning at your best.

I work with clients who have identified pain, or dysfunction, that is holding them back from achieving other things in their life. We work on building a custom program, either involving fitness or nutrition, that help make those signals detectable (when it needs to be detected).

I know all of you can’t get to the studio, so I’ll be sharing some tips his week on how you can get started!

Stay tuned….

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