Taking a bath is one of my essential life “aaaaah’s,” especially in the winter.

But. It. Is. Dry. As. A. Mofo.

I maintain a ruthlessly edited rack of essential bath and shower products. The skin is the body’s #1 organ so I’m obsessive about toxins not sneaking their way in by way of those products.

But. It. Is. Dry. As. A. Mofo.

Enter: body scrubs.

With a no-toxins-allowed obsession and a need to buff my skin, I’ve tried all the no-tox lines. The sugar scrubs left me sticky, so I banned them. I finally settled on a salt-based one that contains coffee – it smells amazing but also leaves coffee grounds in its wake. (Yeah, I know, it kinda takes the relaxation out of relaxing when you need to scrub the tub to get rid of the body scrub).

Until today.

I just tried the Beautycounter by Diane Lemongrass Sugar scrub. Ruthless editing of the other scrubs immediately commenced. And I jumped straight to Facebook to tell you how much you need this.

For real.

It takes off the “But. It. Is. Dry. As. A. Mofo.” Layer, and leaves some sort of perfectly moisturized magic behind. Without a messy tub, without the sticky sugar wake and without weird chemicals.

It’s just an making-no-compromises “aaaaah”.

Contact Diane ASAP and get this in your tub.

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