Hate exercise? A year and a half ago, I saw one of the most famous “trainers” in the world speak at a fitness conference. She revealed that she hates exercise, and she hates working out every day.

I sincerely, fully, and completely hope the results of maintaining her celebrity status are worth doing something she hates for 2 hours a day.

I also question why someone promotes something for a living that they hate. (But that’s a separate rant).

I’m a proponent of loving movement. I don’t claim that you have to love “exercise”. Very few people actually do.

But most people love to swim at the beach. Or to walk on a trail to see a waterfall. Or wander around the city to check out a festival or walk by a river. Or feel accomplished by running a marathon.

See the difference?

I also don’t think you need to “love every moment”. That’s impossible.

But hating something for two hours a day? Nope. No. No. No. No. No.

Don’t do exercise you hate.

Moving your body around is not something to be endured.

Keep trying new things until you find something that enlivens you.

It might, indeed, be at the gym. Or it might be walking. Or Pilates at home with a group of friends. Or weekend hikes. Or playing at the trampoline park. Or swimming. Or biking: here’s me biking on a beach two years ago, and I truly love being on a bicycle.

I can’t say what it is. But don’t put yourself through two hours of torture a day.

Unless you are making millions. But even then…

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