Are you trying to “do it all?”

I specialize in working with Type A people who are in pain. Pain as in: my back hurts when I wake up in the morning. Pain as in: flying across the country really sucks because I get stiff.

We all “know” we can’t do it all, but we are still chasing the impossible dream of a perfect family, a great career, a beach-ready body and interesting and abundant hobbies. (And, if you are a female with a child under 5, you are in the #1 Facebook user group, so keeping up with the insane madness of social media-ing all the pretty moments).

So when that new workout trend inevitably slams across your social and opens a location a few blocks from the office….why not, right?

That new-new thing is appealing because it’s a promise of something interesting and intense.

Hey Type A-er….trying to keep up might be the absolute opposite of what your body needs.

I’m all for working out. But I’m also all for keeping your workouts in the zone. The zone of keeping you sustainable and injury free. The zone of effort without strain.

So how about skipping the latest trend this time?

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