We think nothing of going into our local coffee shop and getting what we want.

Yet when it comes to exercise, we want to do precisely what the instructor does, and be exactly like the friend who came to class with us.

So our $4 coffee should be customized just for us, but in yoga class, our bodies should be identical?

It’s time to change the way we exercise, just as we changed the way we drank coffee.

I offer customized fitness and nutrition, one person at a time, so each person is getting their customized coffee, as it were. And it works.

Mass marketed fitness and nutrition plans do not work for 80-90 percent (+) of people (including me). Or, put another way: the “cookie cutter” body model isn’t as effective for most people any more than the diner coffee is a preference for most people.

So here’s what I’m asking you to do:

* ignore cues in class that feel wrong or bad. Don’t disrespect the teacher, but stop doing things you are being told, just because you are being told to do them. Ask yourself if it feels effective, if you can sustain it and if it feels injurious. If the answer is no to any of these three, even for a minute, you need to change positions. If you are not “allowed,” leave class quietly.

* stop buying into the “one day” model. Especially in yoga class. I don’t know why it’s compelling to think that it’s a failure of body or mindset…that we all just one stretch away from a Cirque-worthy pose, but if you’ve been doing yoga for 1-2 years, it’s fair to assume you are basically somewhere close to your body’s stretch potential. “One day” is today, no matter what the teacher says.

* stop doing classes or exercises you hate. Stop “feeling the burn”. Stop reading Insta mantras. If you are working really hard at this, you are hurting yourself.

* start asking yourself if your efforts match your results. If they do, bingo. If they don’t, seek another solution.

And finally:

Invest in 3 hours of time with me to learn a different way to think about your body. You will get education and awareness that you’ll wish you had in high school.

Coffee’s on me.


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