I was recently asked: “what are some signs I need to start doing Yamuna Body Rolling?”

Ooooh! My favourite kind of question!

* if you are in pain from not-so-hot posture
* if you are actively running or cycling and wish to sustainably continue
* if you are aging
* if you want to be more effective with your workout time
* if you are tired of working out or never quite got around to starting
* if you have muscle aches and pains after competitions or a tough workout
* if you are planning to get pregnant
* if you have ever been pregnant
* if you are a living adult

Yamuna Body Rolling is about foundational work on the skeleton for a sustainable body. It’s borderline essential work for adults over…I donno….21.

So the best sign that you need to start doing this work? You are reading this post.

For information on the work or to buy a ball, please call or text me at 514-804-0504.

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