I’m not a weight loss expert. But I cycle up and down 10 lbs more frequently than I like to admit (aka, twice a year).

So how do I personally lose weight?

1. Move more. It’s hard to lose weight when you are sedentary. So I clip on a pedometer for a week and get some baseline information about how much I am actually moving. If it’s 10,000 steps or under on average per day, I realize “I am sedentary”. And I try to get that number into the “active” zone, which is 15,000+ steps.

2. Sleep. When my jeans are getting tight, I’m not sleeping properly or enough. It’s clinically proven that lack of sleep makes human beings eat more. So before I switch any of my food habits, or set myself up with workout goals that require willpower, I go to bed early a few nights that week and remember what sleep feels like.

3. Food. I hate food trackers. But just like the exercise tracker, a day or two of reality bites. So I install an app called Meal Logger, which takes pictures of my food, and I check if I’m overeating, undereating, oversnacking or making bad choices. You typically don’t need macronutrient or calorie tracking programs to get the basic idea of whether weight gain is linked to bad eating habits.

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