I can’t help you with your mother in law.

But here’s how to handle the holiday potlucks and tables in the next three weeks….

1. Choose between a drink OR dessert. This is my favourite tip that I personally practise! If you can’t reasonably choose one or the other, both, have a SINGLE glass of wine plus dessert instead of having 2 glasses of wine at dinner AND dessert.

2. Stick to one serving. Seconds usually mean your body is storing that for later. If it’s truly delicious, ask the host if you could take a small portion home because you enjoyed it so much.

3. Always eat your veggies. Holiday tables inevitably include multiple side dishes of vegetables. So load up! Skip anything candied (that counts as dessert). They will fill you up and keep you from overdoing the gravy, buns and stuffing.

4. Try to choose indulgences that you couldn’t eat every day. Skip those that you can. For that reason, I personally say yes to stuffing and no to buns.

5. Remember that the holidays are a “season,” not a single meal. You dont need to partake in every single indulgence.

6. Keep your eyes on your own plate. It doesn’t matter what someone else has chosen.

7. Eat at a normal pace.

Say hi to your mother in law 😉

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