Social occasions are tricky business.

Here are three sneaky moments you need to look out for!

1. Drinks. As in, “let’s go for”. Drinks are not going to help you lose weight, ever.
So go for drinks, but I recommend choosing a “sipping drink”: a glass of champagne, or a single malt scotch or a rum on the rocks. Nobody expect you to have “rounds” of any of the above.

2. Desserts. As in “want to share a dessert?” No. You don’t. Nobody needs to eat dessert at a restaurant, and “sharing” means you feel less bad about it. When you share, you always eat faster than you otherwise would. So either get your own or don’t get one at all.

3. Bottles of wine. As in “should we split a bottle?” No. Because then you typically (again) drink more and drink faster than you otherwise would. My personal policy is to drink BEFORE or AFTER dinner – one or the other, never during and usually in place of dessert. That cuts the wine bill and the wine volume.

If you want help incorporating healthier social occasions into your life, call or text me at 514-804-0504!

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