I will always say “I eat whatever I want”.

Except: I’m kind of lying.

There are foods that I actually totally won’t touch. It sometimes makes people curious to hear what is on my NO GO list…so I’ll let you in on the secret of three things I NEVER eat:

* Gatorade (sorry Pepsi). It’s completely unnecessary except in super specific instances (eg – running a marathon. Nope, not even a half marathon, onlya full one). I have learned from experience that fructose can make me feel sick, so on the few instances that I “needed” it, I just drank water and 1/4 bananas to bring up my blood glucose and get some hydration. So there’s truly need for Gatorade.

* Diet soda. Basically a chemical bomb with zero redeeming nutritional qualities and a lengthy list of downsides. The single plus side is availability, but I would rather feel the pain of thirst in my throat than swallow diet pop. Nasty.

* Sugary cereal. Does it even taste good? Not good enough to justify the lack of nutrients and excessive volume of sugar: I’d rather just be honest and eat a chocolate bar for breakfast.

So basically: sugar, fake sugar, and sugar disguised as food.

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