I love and adore coffee so, so, so much!

So I make an entire ritual out of my coffee, roasting my own green beans (from Calgary Heritage Roasting Company, who I met at the Your Mindful Collective event), grinding and then either using a French press or my 2-decades old Francis Francis. This local company has a great story AND great product.

So: about the beans. These guys somehow sell the best green beans I’ve ever had in my life. Green coffee beans last for up to 10 years and ~double in volume when you roast them, so you can keep them forever and they are great for your grocery bill. Plus you can play around with different roasts, drawing out different flavour profiles to match your own whims.

As for me? I DIDN’T set off the fire alarm this morning (hazard of home roasting in an apartment 😆). And this roast is perfect.

Get over to their website and get some beans. It will make your coffee cup smile.

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