I sometimes feel like I’m at a confessional meeting when I acknowledge that I’m a yoga teacher: “my name is Janis and I’m a yoga teacher”.

My forward bend is so bad that when I demonstrated the pose at the Prana Yoga Festival, I invited the class to laugh.

And I don’t think I dress like a yoga teacher: not because I think it’s wrong or bad, but just because woodsy and earthy is just not really my fashion scene.

Until this happened at Your Mindful Collective: “beautiful yoga jewelry? Drop everything … I need to investigate this….”

Local artisan Krista, of Chalice Grove, makes the most classy malas I’ve seen in my life, and she customized a necklace to coordinate with my pre-existing and always present Mr T-ish necklace stack. 😆

(And before anyone gets offended, I already know that it’s not called jewelry. The mala, or string of 109 beads, looks most like a necklace, but its intended purpose is meditative).

Thanks to Krista, I feel like I’ve taken one step further out of the yoga closet. With style and grace.

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