I often remark after 3-6 weeks of working with a client: “wow, if only you could go back and live in your the body the day you came in to see me…!”

Most of them laugh, because they wouldn’t do it, even if they could.

But I personally wish I could let people experience their former selves, even if only for a minute.


Because people literally forget how they enter my studio:

  • In pain
  • With discomfort in their body, both physical and mental
  • With frustration

They forget how making a decision and spending 10 hours committed to that decision can change your life.

Sure, it’s easy, especially at this time of year, to find a day or a week or a month of motivation. The self-reported, as one client called it “horrors” of 4-6 weeks of festive celebrations upon your body, the cold weather pulling your posture and skin into places you couldn’t imagine in July….these negative words and descriptions are what have the masses trotting to the gym on New Years Day.

But, how many of us can re-capture that feeling in order to keep motivated 4 months from now?

Will you even be able to kinetically remember today?

(The answer is no, unless you sit and specifically make note of how your body feels right now).

We can’t go back.

Not if the past was the best you ever felt in your body and about your body.

And not if the past was the day you called me to get a directed plan and program to help with your pain, your posture, your efficiency, your function. And changed your life for the better.

But what drives people to make that call is never, ever, a feeling of negative hatred for themselves. It’s a feeling of hope and commitment to making tomorrow and next week and next year different.

New Years is New Years because it reminds us that nothing magically changed last year. Because nothing ever changes by doing nothing.

People call me because they want to feel different tomorrow, not because they want to change the weather or the food they are last month.

if you want this year to be different:

1. Pulling a page from Danielle Laporte, how do you want to FEEL this year? How do you want your body to FEEL? If you are in pain, do you want out? Do you want to help yourself change? How do you want your life to FEEL this summer? What activities do you think about doing when it’s 25 above instead of 25 below? How do you want to live?

And once that feeling is clear, the motivation will follow. My clients all do homework. And most never dreamed that as few as 10 hours of homework could change the way their body feels.

None of them can go back and experience what it felt like the day they came in. But all of them are relieved that they cannot.

They tell me their pain is gone, their life is improved, their body image is better, they are more active, more confident, more able to live the life they want.

It’s clarity of focus. And commitment to feeling the change. And I’m there to literally prompt reminders of how and where and why they have changed.

2. If you are working on yourself this year, you need to stop – now – and check in. Take some photos. Do some measurements. Sit and take notes about what you want and why you want it. Record how you feel.

And then check in with those papers in a month.

And two months.

And three months.

And after six months, you will be shocked.


We need something, or someone, to remind us. Monetary goals? You get statements to tell you how you are doing. Educational goals? Courses get completed and certificates get earned. Travel goals? Plane tickets and photos show equal checkmates. But the poor brain forgets about your body. And it’s hard to keep going when you can’t even remember where you started.

So you can’t go back and live in your body 2 weeks or 2 years ago. But you can project forward to how you want to function and feel. And you can write it down now so you have a reminder of where you started. Which will help you keep going when you want to quit.

In the meantime, I have a call in to the Back to the Future team to see if you can borrow the Delorean….

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