Rejecting the willpower model is scary, but I urge you to read this article, even though I personally wouldn’t have a decade ago.

I used to fear that if I didn’t exert willpower over my body, everything would fall apart. Attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition changed my life — and, believe me, I wasn’t seeking a foundational philosophical life change when it came to my body.

And yet.

I saw firsthand how what we would now call a “coaching model” replaced struggle with ease, generated better results (!) for equivalent time and was actually more effective (!!) at getting me to where I wanted to be.

Instead of focusing on food and exercise in a vacuum, coaching considers other aspects of life and developing the corresponding social/structures around you to generate actual changes and actual results.

It’s a process, but 9 years later, when I tell you “I eat what I want,” it means I eat what I want.

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