Nope, you can’t control aging. But aging, to me, is increasingly to let go of “control” and “goals”. But “letting myself go?” Uh, no thank you…how about “letting myself get better?”

I dress only in things I LOVE – schlump doesn’t even get in my front door because it doesn’t get out the door of the store. I eat delicious healthy food and throw in some champagne with friends for for fun. I refused to compromise on the aesthetics of my apartment, so every time I come home, it’s like my teenage self’s version of “whoa, I get to live HERE?” It’s not exactly the Selena Gomez Vs The Disneyworld Vacation Wear outlook on life presented in this, and other thought pieces on female aging.

I don’t believe it’s “letting yourself go” – I believe it’s “letting yourself be more”, and I personally think I’ve upgraded myself since high school.

(Uhhhh, high school people? Anyone agree with me? 😆)

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