I taught an “Intuitive Eating” seminar at Your Mindful Collective Connects, where we engaged in dialogue about ways each of us could edge a little closer to receiving more information about food from our own body messaging. There is no book or practitioner or diet plan who can tell you how to eat, so this is a life skill for anyone who’s tuned it out.

I’ll be covering off some tips that emerged from the weekend conversation, but question #1 is: “what is intuitive eating”?

There is a spectrum of food choices available, ranging from sourcing ONLY packaged goods on a shelf at a gas station to sourcing ONLY from solar-grown local food from your own land. To be honest, most of us are somewhere on the spectrum. Nobody wants to hear that, but if you eat anything that’s not local, in-season, package-free or made by a commercial enterprise…you are on the spectrum.

We can’t truly eat according to the body’s signals if we are eating food that interrupts the signals.

The goal isn’t to never eat anything that’s not local, in-season, package-free or made by a commercial enterprise. It’s to look at how we are eating, when we are eating, why we are eating, who we are eating with, where we are eating, and what we are eating and know that in this phase of life with the current circumstances, we are making sustainable choices that are stepping us closer to a comfortable part of the spectrum where we hear enough of what the body is telling us that it’s not drowning out other things you want to do in your life. Aka: you are healthy enough, maintain a sustainable and comfortable body weight and can get on with your other goals.

Weighing less is not a goal.

Eating “clean” is not a goal.

Goals are things that deliver abundance to our life experience.

So intuitive eating moves eating to the background, like the operating system on your phone. You need to be able to get the messages but I’m 99.9 percent sure that you are not checking your phone in order to marvel at the operating system.

If you want help with any of these concepts, I’m at 514-804-0504.

(Important note: this is not applicable if you have an eating disorder. For clinical help with eating disorders, please call Angela Grace Buxton)

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