Guess what? Anatomically, there is no such thing as an inner thigh.

That’s a term we would expect to see in Playboy, or similar….aka, it’s reducing our workout to looking good, rather than to performing well, being strong or being functionally adept.

And yet, when you go to the gym, it’s always called an “inner thigh” or a “booty” or a “butt” or a “tush”. These are slang names (not found in any anatomy book) that don’t at help anyone move better, feel better or function better.

All they generally do is create a sense of “flaw”. Because, if you aren’t taught the function or even the proper name, it’s necessarily reductive to appearance: that’s all that’s left.

100% of fitness professionals have to go through anatomy training, and yet there’s a lack of education being passed on to clients, even in basic cueing.

I am not sure where the disconnect is happening, because it’s not at instructor training (of which I have taken many). So that leads me to believe that it’s a cultural expectation at the gym or facility level.

And it’s time to change the culture.

Expect more from instructors.

Expect better education. Better cueing.

Stop supporting cueing and instructing that makes you feel like your legs are flawed. Because that’s all that those “work those inner thighs” cues are doing. Leave class, if necessary. I have.

Show a desire to learn and demand that you be taught.

Vote with your feet and your wallet.

I personally teach from the assumption that clients care to learn, that every class or session is an opportunity to offer at least one piece of knowledge someone can take away for themselves that they didn’t know before. After all, I am not responsible for someone’s physical health and well being 365 days a year – they are, so the more tools I can stack in someone’s personal toolkit that they can use themselves, the better.

The next time an instructor cues “feel it in your inner thighs”, ask them to explain what your inner thigh muscles are after class. If they can’t, I suggest you leave and don’t return. If they can, I hope it starts a revolution of change in gyms across the country.

And PS – they are called your adductors.

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