Last weekend, I led a “1 hour” Intuitive Eating seminar at the Your Mindful Collective Connects weekend. We were so engaged that we ran 2 hours and could have kept going!

Each person got to chat about the challenge that they personally felt was holding them back from being more connected to their own body messages.

“Justifying” food choices, anyone?

It’s common.

“I had a hard day, and I know I should cook dinner, but I want to go out”.

“I don’t feel like making coffee this morning, so I’m hitting up Starbucks for a latte.”

It’s not bad behaviour, it’s bad because she thought it was.

So what to do about it?

Get real.

If you are “justifying” 5 lattes a week and want that to be 1, then how about you get real and build a latte (or two or three) into your week? Realize it’s going to happen, and be excited about it, vs thinking it’s not and feeling like you failed?

If you know you get stressed out and eat out a few times a week, then why don’t you look at your actual life/life phase/social desires and plan for two dinners out instead of rebelling against yourself and being angry about it?

Sometimes it’s not even changing behaviour, it’s owning it. And once we own it, we can dial back by 25 or 50 percent quite comfortably.

Give it a try. And let me know if you need some help: 514-804-0504

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