I noticed that one of two things often come up in conversations with clients about food:

1. Emphatic emphasis of oneself as a healthy eater. (And insistent throughout, even whilst seeking paid advice from a professional, that diet is healthy…”it really is just oatmeal for breakfast, chicken breasts and vegetables for lunch and a salad at dinner, I don’t know why I need to lose 50 lbs”….and meanwhile, totally self-selectively neglecting to address or mention the bags of potato chips after dinner every night).

2. Emphatic emphasis of how others are making poor choices and how gross, ruinous and disturbing it is….and how “society has clearly gone to h^*#” because: food manufacturers are ruining things, or Monsanto is ruining things, or the guy in the mall was feeding his 2 year old ice cream and who does that anyway?!?

Can everyone please ctfd about what “other” people are eating, and pay attention to themselves?

Pay attention to what YOU* buy at the grocery store.

Pay attention to what you have in YOUR* pantry and what YOU* are cooking or ordering at a restaurant.

Pay attention to what YOU* eat.

(*and any legal dependants).

Outside of that sphere? It’s literally none yo’ biznesa. Yup: it’s none of your business what Monstano or the guy at the mall is feeding his child.

Pay attention to yourself.

Lack of paying attention to yourself means you focus on others (see item #2). And lack of paying attention can also mean you neglect to pay attention to yourself (see item #1).

Paying attention to yourself means educating yourself. Educate yourself by seeing a professional you trust and believe. Educate yourself with classes and courses. Educate yourself with books and articles. And then follow what you personally believe and don’t worry about what anyone else is doing (unless you are a trained and credentialed professional and or a blogger/writer).

Paying attention to yourself means supporting the businesses you believe in. That might mean a CSA (and it might mean Ritz crackers).

Paying attention to yourself means noticing what you personally are eating and how much you are moving. If you aren’t happy with the results, consider more deeply noticing your food intake and making small and simple changes that you feel could be positive steps in the right direction.

But please don’t post stuff on Facebook, hating on other people’s dietary choices. Stay in your own lane, because other people’s business ain’t none yo’ bizness.

If you need help with any of that, call me. 😉

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