I work in the health and fitness sphere, where, quite frankly, there isn’t a lot of authenticity.

Culturally, we love the idea of a “21 day fix” or a “total transformation”.

I’ve taken a different approach to my health and fitness business: one of absolute honesty, integrity and authenticity. It may be “bad” for mass consumer business, but My Body Couture attracts a small and dedicated group of rabid fans who are inspired by a real approach.

I share of myself (which has included struggles with nearly debilitating physical pain a few years ago) with honesty. My weight goes up and down (and always has) and I acknowledge that sometimes I exercise a a lot and sometimes I don’t. Sounds a lot like you, doesn’t it?

The authentic approach I have chosen means that you – my clients – can be authentic. Life can be imperfect and mine is no different or better than anyone else’s just because I am a health business owner. I, too, was drinking Budweiser at the Stampede (and enjoying it).

There is no 10-day miracle cleanse or 21 day fix. There is just life, and the daily actions, responsibilities and emotions we all carry.

If you want to try an authentic approach, rather than a “program,” let me know. 514-804-0504.


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