Sigh. Here we go again.

The ketogenic diet is the next-next-next-next diet thing. I’ve heard it described as a program that helps your body burn “fat as fuel”.

This is an incredibly alluring description for a diet that’s incredibly incompatible with most people’s bodies and lifestyles.

To save you the effort of Googling what this magic diet entails: it’s 80% fat, 15% protein and 5% carbs.

This diet has known clinical efficacy as a treatment protocol for diverse neurological disorders.

And it’s also historically known in the ketonic athletes and bodybuilder circles.

Are you under a clinicians care for a neurological condition?

Are you an athlete or bodybuilder working with a sports nutritionist?

Then: carry on….this is not for you. It doesn’t matter what fat stripping miracle theoretically awaits, this is not for you.


Following a diet that’s fundamentally a medical protocol as a weight loss program or preventative technique is as rational as taking morphine now just in case you break your leg later. Oh! And morphine causes you to torch fat, you guys!!

Following a diet that’s fundamentally for bodybuilding as a way to look like a bodybuilder without actually being one is the same as putting on a Catwoman suit on at Halloween and discovering superpowers.

Special conditions require special protocols or treatments, but regular people need, well, regular stuff. Like a social drink. And sometimes a sandwich.

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