Lacrosse balls and tennis balls are not for bodywork. Lacrosse balls and tennis balls are for lacrosse and tennis.

It’s not a branding or sales or marketing exercise. It’s not semantics.

Sports balls were made for playing sports. Sports balls are meant to rebound when they meet a resistant surface.

Bodywork balls were made for bodywork. Bodywork balls are meant to help your body yield to release tension when they meet a resistant surface.

If you still you aren’t sure, I invite you to try to playing tennis with a Yamuna Body Rolling ball.

I sometimes have clients who have come to my studio, experience Yamuna Body Rolling and express (arguably legitimate) concern about how much the balls cost.

I understand the desire to save money. Or even the misunderstanding that balls of a certain size must be basically interchangeable.

I tell everyone the same thing: “the results are based on both the tools AND the technique. There are other balls and even other ball-based techniques out there but these are the only ones that I personally have training and certification to use. I can’t speak to every ball out there, but Yamuna basically can after her 39 years of teaching, and she’s specifically had these balls manufactured at the specific size and plastic density to work with the technique. You aren’t obligated to buy the ball but I cannot guarantee the results if you use a different ball.”

Upon rare occasion, someone returns to me to buy the ball, after they try to replicate the work with a lacrosse ball or tennis ball.

I’m not going to say that you CAN’T roll your body with sports balls.

I simply think you should use that lacrosse ball to take up our national sport.

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