I just saw a news article that informed the general public that Doritos will be manufacturing special chips for women.

Ladies don’t need special chips.

While we are at it…ladies also don’t need special workouts.

I get that women are not men. But we don’t need to move our bodies differently. And we sure in the hell don’t need different foods, let alone tortilla chips.

The human body doesn’t require different food for different genders. If it did, it would be evident in lactating mothers.

I get that this isn’t based on need, but on “desire,” but it’s another way of indicating that it’s not ladylike to eat.

The article outlines that there is research to back this, but I’m also sure there’s research to back that 10/10 women dislike sexism.

And maybe we also need research to show that many people dislike sitting beside someone (male, apparently) eating chips and smacking their lips and sucking their fingers. I don’t see Doritos doing etiquette lessons for those guys.

Marketing leads us to believe that we are two individual species who need completely separate foods (salads for ladies, beer for men) and workouts.

And it’s, frankly, utter bullshit.

Anyone going to disagree with me?!?

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