I just became aware of an MCT oil “weight loss” product. Don’t be writing to me below about the virtues or dangers of MCT just yet…

Well marketed but, seriously….?!?

People are looking, rather desperately, for some shortcut to weight loss. The “shortcut” is already pretty well established: manage your stress levels, get abundant sleep, move your body, and eat a healthy diet. And do that every day.

There’s no magic discovery or miracle breakthrough.

If you aren’t honestly doing those things, no oil or pill is going to make up for them.

And if you are at a healthy body weight and stuck in the mindset that you need to look like a model or actor/actress, you can always call your parents to discuss your genetics.

Moving your body doesn’t require a gym. If you have feet and can stand on them, walking counts. Swimming counts. Yin yoga counts. Those things work better for me, personally, than all the running and lifting I ever tried. End of that story.

Eating healthy doesn’t require a big budget. Cook. Eat real food. Start with soup and oatmeal if you are clueless in the kitchen. Packaged food and restaurant food are easy but if you want to manage your body, you need to eat whole foods and you need to eat vegetables. End of that story.

Sleeping means: no, you are likely not the exception to requiring approximately 8 hours of sleep a night. If you are, then why are you using an alarm clock? You need sleep. It needs to be quality sleep. And it needs to be consistent. End of that story.

Managing stress means: reducing things, physical or otherwise, that you don’t use and don’t enjoy. It means incorporating things you do and living a life of meaning. You need to be living a life you enjoy and cut out things you don’t, even if that’s a spouse or a job. End of that story.

That’s an easy list of hard things.

Sorry to break it to you.

That MCT oil, for $19.99, seems a lot easier, and I get that. It doesn’t require digging inside or finding time to walk or cook. It doesn’t actually require basic self maintenance.

I would have a lot more money in the bank, personally, if I would get over myself and my value system and sold a program or gimmick or tool or potion or pill that promised I had a different way.

But I can’t.

So save your $19.99 toward buying a bike. Or coming to see me. Just had to get that in there 😉 514-804-0504

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