Want to make one simple change?

(Be warned: I’m about to say a dirty word…)

Consider your coffee.

I know, I know….your coffee is basically sacred.

Since most health professionals will tell you to reduce or eliminate coffee, at some point, I do have to go there…

But it’s never as simple as just “quitting”. I know firsthand that coffee is not only delicious but it can also feel essential (and, in full disclosure, I confess that I probably drank at least 4 cups yesterday…before I stopped counting). It’s social, it’s chemical, it’s ritual, and it’s frankly just delicious.

So assuming the goal is to “reduce coffee,” how do I personally practice what I preach?

1. I have one cup of the BEST coffee I can make. And I involve as much ritual as possible: I roast my own beans. A decade ago, I bought a coffee roaster (which is a bit like a popcorn maker) and a zillion pounds of green beans from Merchants of Green Coffee in Toronto. That got me started, and I love the experimentation of trying different beans and different roasting lengths. If you live in Calgary, try Fratello Coffee Roasters or Rosso Coffee Roasters for green beans.

2. I save my coffee for social functions. I love Caffè Beano and Starbucks Canada Reserve for coffee with friends or business reasons.

3. I wait until I’m at the office most mornings before I drink coffee. Having a chemical addiction to caffeine isn’t cute, so I exercise some self discipline and get all the way to work before I consume caffeine.

4. I get to my office, turn my kettle on, and drink Vega Sport Sugar Free Energizer. It’s yellow! The ingredients include: yerba mate and green tea, so it offers a caffeine pick-me-up, but is easier on my digestive system, and personally gives me a one-and-done boost. I sell it at the studio, so contact me at janis@isaman.ca if you want to know more!

So coffee is a treat that I regularly indulge in, and I look for social opportunities, quality and creative ritual to ensure that I enjoy it and exercise restraint (except, apparently, long weekends). Next on my wish list is a class at Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters – Mission….

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