Want to make one small change to your health today? Focus on hydration.

I recently attended the David Wolfe “Activing your Upgrade” weekend in Calgary, hosted by Light Cellar, where I learned some new ideas about hydration that I’ve been personally putting into action:

* If you add sea salt to your water, you don’t need to drink as much water, because you are MORE hydrated. An approximate ratio to start with is 5 TBSP of sea salt to 4L of water.

* Sea salt has 4 times the level of electrolytes as rock salt (aka, Himalayan salt)

* Drink spring water when possible: the last step in processing water involves adding aluminum (uhhh…things I never knew before), which has been linked to Alzheimer’s (yuck).

* If you live in Calgary, take Exit 86 in Canmore for a natural spring. That’s my Canmore Springs water below! For other sources, http://www.findaspring.com/ has information about where to find a spring.

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