Looking for one small change to your health & fitness today? Consider adding some yin to your yang.

Most of us focus on the active part of life and fitness, but overlook the calm. I had no calm — none — until I met Paul-Grilley trained Nyk Danu, who was my private yin teacher for a year.

Nyk relocated to Victoria and I applied to train with Paul Grilley in California, coming home with my teacher’s certification in July (sidebar: there are only three of us in Calgary).

I’ve committed to closing my office door and doing and hour of yin 3-5 times a week. It’s changing my life.

Even hurricanes have an eye of the storm. And yin helps me manage the windy bookends. I’m better able to interpret the sensations in my own body. I went to Nyk because I had a chronically dislocated rib, and I no longer hold as much stress in my back. I have been making more consistent eating choices. I’m gaining more muscle on my legs.

I’ll be writing more about the power of yin, but in the meantime, I’ll be teaching an in-studio yin class on Friday mornings, so if you are interested in details, please drop me a note at janis@isaman.ca.

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